Instructor: Pablo Carrasco

Classes on Tuesdays


Students Level of Spanish: intermediate

Classes are online synchronic via Google Meet, once a week, 1.5 hours each. 

Course description.

Nowadays, more and more in the USA, health care professionals find themselves involved with patients who come from different parts of Latin America. Learning Spanish specifically aimed towards this health care context is a plus which must be strongly considered. Thus, Spanish for Healthcare Professionals is a course designed to teach students the basic and intermediate skills of medical Spanish that can be put into practice in real medical situations.

The goal of the course is to generate active participation through discussions of topics related to the medical profession, and through creative activities that imitate real-life situations. Focus is placed on role-play activities that will cover the most common medical procedures.

At the end of the course, students will have acquired in-depth vocabulary related to the body, medicine, illnesses and other relevant fields,  commands to tell a patient what to do during a hospital visit, or Latin American habits and idiosyncrasy which are involved in doctor-patient interaction. It is expected that students will be able to inquire what troubles a patient or to get all his personal information as well as to hold a typical medical interaction in communicative contexts. 

Classes will be conducted in Spanish.

About Pablo Carrasco

Pablo A. Carrasco has been teaching Spanish for almost 20 years and he currently specializes in Spanish for the Health Professionals, Spanish for Law Professionals and other Spanish for professional purposes. He was part of CONICET (National Research Institute in Argentina), researching culture and Spanish language in the South of the United States. He also has published several articles on specific subjects in national and international congresses. Now, he is Consultant of Foreign Languages Department in Barceló Foundation, an Institution devoted to health and medicine teaching, and leading research focused on communications matters in medicine, specifically in an intercultural environment. He is also Director of Spanish as a Foreign Language Department at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), and he teaches Semantic & Pragmatic Linguistic, and Spanish AFL Methodologies at the same Institution. He is Director of the postgraduate program Master in Teaching Spanish as a second and foreign language at UCAe


We teach culture with solid, fun, and experienced faculty. Learn Latin American literature, art, music, and society with the best professors in a relaxed and casual atmosphere where you can practice and improve your language skills while having a good time.


Each #online workshop  is designed for students with intermediate or advanced knowledge of Spanish. It is organized around four abilities: reading (fiction, poetry, essay, non-fiction); listening (films, videos, songs, and podcasts); speaking through in-class discussion; and the practice of writing and translation.


Classes are online synchronic via Google Meet, once a week, 1.5 hours each. The first class is for free.

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